Tuesday, 3 March 2015

Uber Bohemian

You can tell Spring is definitely on the way as the temperature is slowly starting to creep up to slightly more tolerable levels. So now is the time to start building up your spring/summer wardrobe. Uber will get you kick started on that with their Bohemian themed round.

It opened on the 25th of February so you've got until the 23rd March to get your bohemian loving booty down to the sim and grab what takes your fancy.

So lets leap right into the goodies with this shirt and skirt from Fishy Strawberry.

Uber Bohemian - FishySt WasabiPills

The Anais Boho Shirt and Rhapsody Skirt are sold separately so you can mix and match between the vast collection of colours that are available for these pieces. I went with the Salmon coloured shirt because it looked so pretty with the Wildflowers skirt which was definitely my favourite pattern available for the skirts. You get a hud that allows you to change the colour of the delicate harness that is included with the shirt. It's an adorable little outfit and is boho and fun without being too over the top bohemian.

The cute little pigtails are the Abby hair from Wasabi Pills. You also get a hud with this so you can pick and choose the colour of the ties keeping your pigtails in. I love a messy stule and it's always nice to have pigtails that aren't sticking out the side of my head.

If you're like me and love a romper then you'll need the Lana V-Neck Romper from Tee*fy.

Uber Bohemian - Teefy Friday Truth

There's some lovely details on this including the little buttons and loops on the v-neck that look like you haven't bothered to do it up. I think that's an awesome touch that just makes it seem more real to me. I went with the Mint because I'm addicted to the mint colour from Tee*fy. It's too gorgeous to pass up but there are lots of other different pastel and bright colours and patterns to choose from.

The boots you can grab from Fri.Day while you are running around this round. The Layla boots come in regular fit for standard avatars and she's also included a version that fits over the Maitreya Lara mesh body. Big thumbs up for including that in the pack! The colours are all muted earthy tones and have a bit of a cowboy boot feel about them.

I'll never pass up a pair of frilly socks so these Frilly Knee Socks from Atomic bounced into my inventory so fast they ended up with whiplash just like Madonna! I went for the Shell colour because I think any outfit I wear frilly socks with will probably work well with slightly off white but of course feel free to go mad with their colour options.

I'm not usually a massive fan of bohemian style jewellery, it tends to be way too bulky and so many beads and bits that I feel overwhelmed by it all. However the Boho Beaded Necklace and the Boho Earrings from Yummy were a pleasant change. It's not too bulky and doen't feel overly boho but still has a little touch of it. I went for the white and gold option but there is a silver version available for those not into the gold on all the colours they've made.

Baiastice have released an outfit that I wouldn't immediately say is 'boho' in style so if you're not overly into bohemian themed clothing then you can still get an adorable little spring outfit.

Uber Bohemian - Baiastice Truth

The Rocio Cardigan and the Cael High Waist Shorts come together to make this cute little outfit. You can choose to wear it with the Boho Laces Necklace, which is also from Baiastice, but that's optional extra purchase that you can choose to get or not. The cardigan does come with the option of wearing it with or without an attached bra. I guess it depends on if you'd prefer to flash some flesh or flash some lace. It only really shows if you're not wearing the laces necklace. You can always wear the option without the bra and throw on a pretty system layer top underneath if you don't plan on flashing anything at all. As always with Baiastice you have lot of colours to mix and match from so go crazy!

The hair I've used in the last two pictures is from Truth. This is the Delphine style and is also an Uber release. With your usual colour pack you'll also get some optional butterflies or flowers in a front and back attachment. You can mix butterflies and flowers too since both attachments are separate parts. You get a hud that allows you change the colours to match your outfit too. There's a decent long braid that runs down the back and I'm a huge braid fan so this has become one of my favourites.

When I saw League had made a new release for Uber I did a little happy dance because I'd only earlier in the day been talking Cat about how I wanted a nice spring feeling outfit but with the warmth of something you'd get from an autumn outfit because it's still colder than a witches tit out there!

Uber Bohemian - League Truth

League came to my rescue with their Ananda Outfit. The outfit is all one piece so you can't separate them out but there's a nice twist to it. You buy the colour of the skirt that you like best and included in the pack is a hud that gives you full control over the colour of the shirt part and the belt too. You can mix it up with a new colour every day if you wanted to. They've even included different length options for both the skirt and the sleeves. You can choose from a long skirt that covers the feet or shorter one that shows them and you have a choice of sleeves that come just past the wrist or sleeves that go right down over the hands. You can wear any of these combinations together so long skirt, short sleeves or short shirt, long sleeves, etc.

The Ananda Scarf isn't included in the outfit but is a separate purchase that is made to accompany the outfit. I went for the Teal to match the colour of skirt.

For the last outfit I admit to having drifted away from Uber just a bit...

Uber Bohemian - Blueberry

The incredibly short little Ripped Denim Belted Shorts are from Blueberry. They come in standard sizes but the reason I grabbed them is they also include a version that fits over the Maitreya Lara, the Belleza Venus and the SLink Physique mesh bodies. You have an option of wearing it with or without the belt too.

Once you've finished at Uber then make a mad dash over to No21 because  you only have until the 14th March to be able to grab the Tube Top from Blueberry there. Yes this outfit is a double blueberry bonanza because what else goes better with tiny shorts than a cute little tube top. Whichever colour you pick you get a plain version like this one shown and a version with a print on the front.

While you're over at No21 swing by Lamb and grab the Bunny style. I grabbed myself the gingers pack which, like all the other colour packs, includes an optional flyaway piece to add to the basic style. With or without it's a gorgeous hairstyle.

Before you run off to shop I just wanted to share the stunning furniture I had hiding away in the background of my pics.

Uber Bohemian - Kalopsia

The Gipsy Shack is from Kalopsia and it includes the pile of pillows and the round patterned rug that I've dragged outside to show it off. The pillow and rug are soft linked so you can move them around to suit your needs. I was a little bit naughty and using the edit menu I ripped out the front curtains of the shack so it was more like a doorway. In the Delilah Set from Cheeky Pea you can get the Sheer Curtain which I added to the front to make it a little bit different.

Uber Bohemian - CheekyPea

The Delilah Set also has this stunning bed with bright and colours pillows and blankets. You have a choice of PG or adult animations as always and of course you can either by the full set which includes the mirror, wine, notebook, rugs and console or each piece separately to get just what you want.

Happy Shopping!

Pic 1:
*Shirt - Fishy Strawberry - Anais Boho Shirt - Salmon @Uber
*Skirt - Fishy Strawberry - Rhapsody Skirt - Wildflowers @Uber
Hair - Wasabi Pills - Abby - Reds Pack @Uber
Skin - League - Erin Pale - Natural
Eyes - Ikon - Charm Eyes - Moor
Eyelashes - Mon Cheri - Falsies Eyelash
Hands - SLink - Avatar Enhancement Mesh Hands - Casual (with League appliers)
Pose - Exposeur - 3.15 Gift - 2

Pic 2:
Romper - Tee*fy - Lana V-Neck Romper - Mint @Uber
Socks - Atomic - Frilly Knee Socks - Shell @Uber
*Boots - Fri.Day - Layla Boots - Earth @Uber
Necklace - Yummy - Boho Beaded Necklace - White/Gold @Uber
Earrings - Yummy - Boho Earrings - White/Gold @Uber
*Hair - Truth - Delphine - Gingers Pack (includes flower or butterflies) @Uber
Skin - League - Erin Pale - Natural
Eyes - Ikon - Charm Eyes - Moor
Eyelashes - Mon Cheri - Falsies Eyelash
Hands - SLink - Avatar Enhancement Mesh Hands - Casual (with League appliers)
Pose - Exposeur - 3.15 Gift - 4

Pic 3:
*Shirt - Baiastice - Rocio Cardigan & Bra - Powder @Uber
*Shorts - Baiastice - Cael HW Shorts - Olive @Uber
*Necklace - Baiastice - Boho Laces Necklace @Uber
*Hair - Truth - Delphine - Gingers Pack (includes flower or butterflies) @Uber
Skin - League - Erin Pale - Natural
Eyes - Ikon - Charm Eyes - Moor
Eyelashes - Mon Cheri - Falsies Eyelash
Hands - SLink - Avatar Enhancement Mesh Hands - Casual (with League appliers)
Pose - Bounce This - On The Go - 3 (includes coffee and phone) @TDRF

Pic 4:
Outfit - League - Ananda Outfit - Teal (longer shirt / shorter sleeves) @Uber
Scarf - League - Ananda Scarf - Teal @Uber
*Hair - Truth - Delphine - Gingers Pack (includes flower or butterflies) @Uber
Skin - League - Erin Pale - Natural
Eyes - Ikon - Charm Eyes - Moor
Eyelashes - Mon Cheri - Falsies Eyelash
Hands - SLink - Avatar Enhancement Mesh Hands - Casual (with League appliers)
Pose - Bounce This - Tiffany - 6 @TDRF

Pic 5:
Shirt - Blueberry - Tube Top - Regular Pink @Uber
Shorts - Blueberry - Ripped Denim Shorts Belted - Black @No21
Necklace - Yummy - Boho Beaded Necklace - White/Gold @Uber
Hair - Lamb - Bunny - Gingers Pack (with tousled attachment) @No21
Skin - League - Erin Pale - Natural
Eyes - Ikon - Charm Eyes - Moor
Eyelashes - Mon Cheri - Falsies Eyelash
Hands - SLink - Avatar Enhancement Mesh Hands - Casual (with League appliers)
Pose - Bounce This - Tiffany - 3 Mirrored @TDRF

H&G Items:
Shack - Kalopsia - Gipsy Shack - Turquoise @Uber
Rug - Kalopsia - Galaxy Rug - Lighter @Uber
Pillows - Kalopsia - Cushion Pile - Cools @Uber
*Bed - Cheeky Pea - Delilah Set - Delilah Bed Blossom @Uber
*Rugs - Cheeky Pea - Delilah Set - Deliliah Blossom Rugs @Uber
*Curtain - Cheeky Pea - Delilah Set - Deliliah Blossom Sheer Curtain @Uber
*Console - Cheeky Pea - Delilah Set - Delilah Console @Uber
*Notebook - Cheeky Pea - Delilah Set - Composition Notebook @Uber
*Wine - Cheeky Pea - Delilah Set - Scattered Wine @Uber
*Mirror - Cheeky Pea - Delilah Set - Delilah Mirror @Uber
*Books - Cheeky Pea - Delilah Set - Falling Over Books @Uber

Friday, 27 February 2015

The Liaison Collaborative - Leather And Lace - Part 2 (NSFW)

The Liaison Collaborative is about to close it's door for this round because they'll be moving to a brand set up for their next round. So now is your last chance to get some goodies as it closes on the 28th. I always forget February is a short month.

Before I delve into the furniture I just wanted to show you one last outfit I nabbed from this round of TLC.

TLC - Feb 2015 - UnitedColours

United Colors is a brand I was unfamiliar with before this round of TLC but I was pleasantly surprised to find this outfit available. It's a jacket and shirt combo and a matching leather shorts. The Leather Vest and the Leather Shorts both come in a choice of rich leather colours. With the vest you get a hud that allows you to change the colour of the shirt underneath or make it invisible. You can also change the colour of the studs on the vest to match your other metal accessories.

The furniture that I've used in both of these posts are from some of the best stores and they really out did themselves for this Leather and Lace themed round.

MudHoney made my favourite set with the Alicia pieces.

TLC - Feb 2015 - MudHoney Exposeur Kalopsia

Each is available to purchase separately from the HUGE mirror to the small desk decor pieces. There is also a stool available that matches the rest of the Alicia pieces but I decided I wanted a much more comfortable chair for my delicate ass so I opted for The Corset Chair from Stockholm & Lima. The Corset Chair has menu options to change the fabric from Leather to Lace and to change the colour of that fabric too. I'm a big fan of the corset detailing up the back of the chair.

Kalopsia released a whole set of goodies that include the Lips on the wall in this pretty pink colour. I love the shape and design of this piece and the best thing about it being mod is you can resize it to have a massive pair of lips on the wall should it take your fancy or something a bit more smaller like this. The Tan Print Rug and the white Leather Pouf are also from Kalopsia. The Leather Pouf seems a little understated by you can buy a version with PG or adult animations to make it way naughtier than it looks!

Exposeur surprised me with a furniture release because as we all know they usually do poses. However this was a great release for them and I really want one of the Corset Lamps for my RL house. It's pretty and girly without being over sexual.

Sway's has made a chaise that is making it's way into a permanent spot in my house.

TLC - Feb 2015 - Sways Convair

The Katya Chaise Lounge is lovely and has some great poses in it for singles, friends and couples. I love how you have the option to change the colour of the pillows and blanket to suit your decor. This rich brown was irresistable though.

I can't forget to show some love to the pose makers so I grabbed Cat and two of my favourite poses to take some slightly naughty pics.

TLC - Feb 2015 - PictureThisPoses

This is The Boss pose from Picture This Poses. Perfect for all your dominant ladies out there or for you sassy dominant men. The submissive pose would work equally well for men or women because the pose is mod and you can move it around to fit your avatars.

TLC - Feb 2015 - RackPoses

The Worship Me pose from Rack Poses is great for all those with a shoe or foot fetish. Although honestly I think Cat is just trying to steal my shoes here because they are too cute. I'll have to keep my eye on her. The pose was a little difficult to use with Cat because she's soo small and my legs are kind of long but with the help of a Kalopsia pouf we made it work. It would probably work better with a larger male avatar like the pose intended but honestly it's nothing a cushion or pouf couldn't fix.

Happy Shopping!

*Shirt - United Colors - Leather Vest - Black @TLC
*Shorts - United Colors - Leather Shorts - Black @TLC
Boots - Hucci - Deale Boots - Silver Midnight (require SLink high feet)
*Hair - Truth - Dulce - Gingers Pack
Skin - League - Erin Pale - Feline (with Erin tintable lipstick)
Eyes - Ikon - Charm Eyes - Moor
Eyelashes - Mon Cheri - Falsies Eyelash
Hands - SLink - Avatar Enhancement Mesh Hands - Casual (with Ama. appliers)
Feet - SLink - Avatar Enhancement Mesh Feet - High (with League appliers)
*Pose Prop - Elephante Poses - All Or Nothing @TLC

*Desk - MudHoney - Alicia Table @TLC
*Mirror - MudHoney - Alicia Mirror @TLC
*Picture Frame - MudHoney - Alicia Frame @TLC
*Books - MudHoney - Alicia Books @TLC
*Stand - MudHoney - Alicia Make Up Stand @TLC
*Brushes - MudHoney - Alicia Brush Jar @TLC
*Flower - MudHoney - Alicia Rose Pink @TLC
*Hand Bag - MudHoney - Zelia Bag @TLC
*Arm Chair - Stockholm & Lima - The Corset Chair @TLC
*Rug - Kalopsia - Tan Print Rug @TLC
*Pouf - Kalopsia - Leather Pouf - White @TLC
*Lips - Kalopsia - Lips Pink @TLC
*Artwork - Exposeur - Corsets Canvas Art Prints @TLC
*Lamp - Exposeur - Corset Lamp - White @TLC
*Chair - Exposeur - Ashley Loops Chair - Neutral @TLC
*Shoes - YS&YS - Capri Sabot - Taupe
*Clutch Bag - Baiastice - Lilia Clutch - Iceberg
*Building - Breno - Ballet Studio @TLC

*Chaise - Sway's - Katya Chaise Lounge - Brown @TLC
*Chair - Convair - Langdon Chair - Brown @TLC
*Table - Convair - Langdon Table @TLC
*Rug - Kalopsia - Brown Print Rug @TLC
*Lamp - Kalopsia - Wire Lamp - Bronze @TLC
*Pouf - Kalopsia - Leather Pouf - Brown @TLC
Drape - DIGS - Holden Wall Hanging - Ombre 3
*Building - Breno - Ballet Studio @TLC

Lingerie - Maai - Melinda Lingerie - Teal
*Necklace - Izzie's - Pearl Necklace - Tahiti
*Shoes - Fri.Day - Cora Heels - Coal (for Maiterya)
*Hair - Truth - Delphie - Gingers Pack
Skin - League - Erin Pale - Natural (with Erin tintable lipstick)
Eyes - Ikon - Charm Eyes - Moor
Eyelashes - Mon Cheri - Falsies Eyelash
Body - Maitreya - Mesh Body Lara - Includes Hands And Feet (with League appliers)
Pasties - Ama. - Ring Pasties
Hair - Magika - Things - Hud 03
Skin - Pink Fuel - Doll V2 - Crystal
Body - Maitreya - Mesh Body Lara
Hands - SLink - Avatar Enhancement Mesh Hands - Casual (with Pink Fuel Appliers)
Feet - SLink - Avatar Enhancement Mesh Feet - High (with Pink Fuel Appliers)
*Pose 1 - Picture This Poses - The Boss @TLC
*Pose 2 - Rack Poses - Worship Me @TLC

Thursday, 26 February 2015

Kustom9 - Feb 2015

I don't know where I'm finding the energy to write a post right now because it's been a long and overly exciting day.

I went to see the premier of the international release of The Backstreet Boys movie. Yes after almost 22 years I'm still a die hard fan and I couldn't pass up the opportunity to enjoy something like this with my fellow Backstreet Bitches! LOL! Take what you want from that but I hold no shame in my boyband love... it's a lot of fun and friendly people!

Anyway moving onto the reason why you are all really here... Kustom9. So it's been open a little while but you still have some time to shop so let's get going on the goodies!

Fishy Strawberry have a great pair of jeans and a cute little shirt cropped shirt that you're definitely going to want.

Kustom9 - Feb 2015 - FishySt Mina Friday

The Boyfriend Jeans Slim come in a choice of three denim colours, but you also have the option of choosing a duo colour with a darker denim pattern on the bottom of the legs. The cute Cropped Sweatshirt comes in six muted colours but I really liked the black because the design and the stripes down the arm stood out more against the darker texture.

The hair is the Elisa style from Mina. This is a previously released style but for Kustom9 there are new colour packs, including Pastels which has this pretty, delicate pink colour in it. It makes me want to have pink hair all the time.

The shoes you can get from the Fri.Day booth at Kustom9. These are the Darcy Flats and are available for the SLink flat feet or for the flat feet for the Maitreya body. You get a vast choice of colours for these so good luck picking! LOL.

If Fishy Strawberry isn't for you then maybe Spirit can tempt you to part with your lindens.

Kustom9 - Feb 2015 - Spirit Clawtooth

I really like the Evastika Tank Top. It fits really nicely and it has a different shape to all the other tank tops I own. I was immediately drawn to this pretty blue colour but they are others available. The matching Evastika Jeans also comes in several denim colours but a classic black skinny jean is always a good purchase for your inventory. They'll go with so many different things.

The hair is from Clawtooth and is called Winter Romance. It includes the flower headband and a hud that allows you to change the colours of the flower petals. Of course I got the Exquisite Reds pack because my favourite red is in there.

I'm slowly building a collection of mesh clothing that fits over my Maitreya body and Bueno is helping with that.

Kustom9 - Feb 2015 - Bueno

The Tank Top from Bueno makes my boobs look might impressive! Yes that was the first thing I noticed about this shirt and I'm pretty sure the first thing that most people will notice about it. I went for the mist that has white and pale beige stripes on it. Of course it comes with the usual standard sizes for those of you who don't have mesh bodies so you still get enjoy it too.

The adorable little corner seat with the lights is from Cheeky Pea. The Kennebunk Hull Seat comes in a version that is with and without lights. As part of the set you can also purchase the quaint little Nautical Art comes in the option of Wheel, Ship or Anchor.

Kustom9 - Feb 2015 - CheekyPea Floorplan

The little 'Big Dreamer' sign with lights that I've slipped under the chair there is also from Cheeky Pea but you'll have to nip over to the Seraphim Social to grab this one. You pick your choice of colour for the main body of the piece and then click it to change the texture on the letters.

I think the little heater that looks like an amp from Oyasumi is too cute to pass up. It's a gacha win but it's the common the the gacha and comes in a range of colours. Throw a few lindens that way and see which one you end up with.

I know a lot of you like to collect little decor pieces that have quotes or phrases or some that are just random words so the Carpe Diem sign from Floorplan is probably one you're going to want in your collection. Go grab it!

Happy Shopping!

*Top - Fishy Strawberry - Cropped Sweatshirt - Black @Kustom9
*Pants - Fishy Strawberry - Boyfriend Jeans Slim - Dark Wash @Kustom9
*Shoes - Fri.Day - Darcy Flats - Black (for SLink flat feet) @Kustom9
*Hair - Mina - Elisa - Pastels Pack @Kustom9
Skin - League - Erin Pale - Natural (with Erin tintable lipstick)
Eyes - Ikon - Charm Eyes - Moor
Eyelashes - Mon Cheri - Falsies Eyelash
Hands - SLink - Avatar Enhancement Mesh Hands - Casual (with League appliers)
Feet - SLink - Avatar Enhancement Mesh Feet - Flat (with League appliers)
Pose - Imeka - Mandy - Pose 1 @Kustom9

Shirt - Spirit - Evastika Tank Top - Blue @Kustom9
Pants - Spirit - Evastika Jeans - Black @Kustom9
*Shoes - Fri.Day - Darcy Flats - Black (for SLink flat feet) @Kustom9
Hair - Clawtooth - Winter Romance - Exquisite Reds Pack @Kustom9
Skin - League - Erin Pale - Natural (with Erin tintable lipstick)
Eyes - Ikon - Charm Eyes - Moor
Eyelashes - Mon Cheri - Falsies Eyelash
Hands - SLink - Avatar Enhancement Mesh Hands - Casual (with League appliers)
Feet - SLink - Avatar Enhancement Mesh Feet - Flat (with League appliers)
Pose - Imeka - Mandy - Pose 2 @Kustom9

Shirt - Bueno - Tank Top - Mist @Kustom9
Pants - Bueno - Skinny Jeans - Cold
Necklace - Maxi Gossamer - Blood Heart Love Nest - Silver
*Hair - Mina - Elisa - Pastels Pack @Kustom9
Skin - League - Erin Pale - Natural (with Erin tintable lipstick)
Eyes - Ikon - Charm Eyes - Moor
Eyelashes - Mon Cheri - Falsies Eyelash
Body - Maitreya - Mesh Body Lara - Includes Hands (with League appliers)
Pose - Kirin - Aiko - Pose 6 @Kustom9

*Chair - Cheeky Pea - Kennebunk Hull Seat - With Lights @Kustom9
*Artwork - Cheeky Pea - Nautical Art - Wheel, Ship & Anchor @Kustom9
*Dreamer - Cheeky Pea - Dreamer Lights - Dark @The Seraphim Social
Heater - Oyasumi - Oyasumi Heater - Black @Kustom9
Carpe Diem - Floorplan - Carpe Diem @Kustom9
Building - Scarlet Creative - Hudson Townhouse @Collabor88

Tuesday, 24 February 2015

Looking Dandy

So I'm not a huge shopper of The Men's Dept. Not because it's not a great event but because I find myself lacking in the male area of things, despite my every so manly face (thanks Plurk!)

However I do happen to know two incredibly gorgeous men who do love to shop The Men's Dept. Plus when I do find my way down there it's to grab some fantastic furniture or poses that I just can't do without.

I've heard it's THE place to pick up men. Which might explain the abundance of female avatars standing around!

So once you've fought your way past the hoard of potential suitors then you're going to want to grab some of the goodies on offer. Especially this truely stunning suit from Deadwool.

The Mens Dept - Feb 2015 - Deadwool

Valentine and Amadeo are both wearing The Dandy suit from Deadwool. When I saw this suit my jaw hit the desk because it's probably one of the best made and detailed suits I've ever seen in Second Life and suits are like catnip for the ladies! (and the men apparently as Amadeo kindly informed me).

You get a hud that allows you to change the colour of the shirt, tie and little pocket handkerchief. You have the option of wear it with or without the waistcoat too. The Taupe colour on Ama can be found at The Men's Dept and the Blue colour on Valentine can be found at the Deadwool Mainstore.

If you want the fantastic furniture set hiding in the background there then please pop on over to the Cheeky Pea booth while you're down at this round of The Men's Dept.

The Mens Dept - Feb 2015 - CheekyPea

The Woodcutter Corner pieces make a lovely warm feeling, cozy area in your house. You have the option of PG or Adult animations in the couch you choose and you can change the colour of the couch and the pattern on the cushions using the menu inside.

Happy Shopping!

Suit - Deadwool - The Dandy - Blue
Shoes - Ispachi - Mason Brogues
Glasses - Sorgo - Swan - Black
Hair - Exile - Machinehead - Blacks Pack
Skin - Pink Fuel - Ashton - Peach
Ears - CheerNo - Human Ears - Plug Open
Hands - SLink - Avatar Enhancement Male Mesh Hands - Relax (with Pink Fuel appliers)
Suit - Deadwool - The Dandy - Taupe @The Men's Dept
Shoes - Kauna - Oxfords - Black
Hair - Mina - Mark - Browns Pack @The Chapter Four
Skin - Pink Fuel - Ash - Peach
Hands - SLink - Avatar Enhancement Male Mesh Hands - Relaxed (with Pink Fuel appliers)
Pose - Label Motion - Cutie

*Couch - Cheeky Pea -  Woodcutter Corner - Cosy Patterns Couch @The Men's Dept
*Fireplace - Cheeky Pea - Woodcutter Corner - Fireplace @The Men's Dept
*Wreath - Cheeky Pea - Woodcutter Corner - Heart Wreath @The Men's Dept
*Rug - MudHoney - Priya Rug - Brown
*Candles - Alouette - Bird Cage Candle Holder
Building - Scarlet Creative - Hudson Townhouse @Collabor88

Sunday, 22 February 2015

We Love Role Play - Feb 2015

We Love Role Play is open until the 28th of Feb so you still have a few days to run around and snatch up anything that takes your eye.

I grabbed a couple of bits there so it's time to flash them off to you before the event closes for this month and you miss out.

Haste have released another great harness that has panties attached.

We Love Role Play - Feb 2015 - Haste ElephantePoses

This one is the Provoking harness and the part that goes up around the neck is a chain instead of a piece of fabric. The hud allows you to change the colour of the metal chain and of the fabric around the neck.

Ama has made these awesome Opera Length Gloves that come in several different colours. They come with appliers too for SLink, Omega and Maitreya. You won't find these at We Love Role Play but I couldn't resist throwing them on for this outfit.

The swing is an Elephante Poses prop called Woodland. This one definitely is at We Love Role Play and comes with lots of pretty sitting poses in it.

Another clothing grab from this round was from Pixicat.

We Love Role Play - Feb 2015 - Pixicat

The Freja Shorts and the matching Freja Boots are both at this round and are gorgeous. I went for the brown because they felt earthy and warm but there are lots of colours, including brighter colours, available so you can grab whichever takes your fancy.

Happy Shopping!

Pic 1:
*Harness - Haste - Provoking - Red @We Love Role Play
*Gloves - Ama. - Opera Length Gloves
*Pasties - Ama. - Ring Pasties
Eye Make Up - The Wicked Peach - Pixie Dust - 4 @The Fantasy Room
*Hair - Truth - Wren - Colours Pack
Skin - League - Erin Pale - Natural
Body - Maitreya - Mesh Body Lara - Includes Hands & Feet (with League appliers)
Eyes - Ikon - Charm Eyes - Moor
Eyelashes - Mon Cheri - Falsies Eyelash
*Pose Prop - Elephante Poses - Woodland @We Love Role Play

Pic 2:
Top - Pixicat - Crop Sweater - Black&White
Shorts - Pixicat - Freja Shorts - Brown @We Love Role Play
Boots - Pixicat - Freja Boots - Brown @We Love Role Play
*Hair - Truth - Wren - Browns Pack
Skin - League - Erin Pale - Feline
Eyes - Ikon - Charm Eyes - Moor
Eyelashes - Mon Cheri - Falsies Eyelash
*Pose - Bang - Stand 473 @The Thrift Shop

Friday, 20 February 2015

The Liaison Collaborative - Feb 2015 - Part 1

It's Leather and Lace down at The Liaison Collaborative and I despite having reservations about this round I was pleasantly surprised. I'm hoping you will be too so please go and check it out.

So before you rush off I wanted to show you some of the lovely offerings available. Let's jump right into the good stuff!

Baiastice are always a big favourite of mine when it comes to lingerie.

TLC - Feb 2015 - Baiastice EnfantT

This is the Pigalle Lingerie in lace. I adore their lingerie because it fits a standard size perfectly. If you're a little off from a standard size then please try a demo because there is no alpha with this set. I picked the muted, dusky pink because it went so well with this Rosalies Corset from Enfant Terrible. It's incredibly detailed with multiple layers of frills.

You can also grab yourself the pretty matching floral Rosalies headband from Enfant Terrible. It makes a very pretty accessory that could be worn anytime really, but of course it looks at its best with the corset.

Since the theme is leather and lace you could except to find just a little bit on kink in this round.

TLC - Feb 2015 - Baiastice RebelHope

If you're more into the leather then the Leather version of the Pigalle Lingerie is for you. Of course I went with the black because who can resist gorgeous black leather.

The lace gloves and the pretty lace face mask are both from The Wicked Peach. The Smoldering Temptress Mask comes on tattoo layers in 6 different colours. The Borderline Gloves come in six matching colours but these only come as appliers for SLink hands or Maitreya Hands.

I know you're definitely wondering where I got my crop. NanTra were kind enough to supply this detailed little whip in their Yes, Mistress post pack. It includes crops that fit with all the poses, including the mirrors.

If you want a sexy little top and skirt outfit then pop over to the Eudora 3D booth.

TLC - Feb 2015 - Eudora3D CX

I love that the Mabelle Top & Skirt fits nicely over the Maitreya body using the alphas in the Lara Hud. You'd have to experiment with your own mesh bodies to see if it works. If you're not a mesh body wearer or if it doesn't fit your body then of course there's an included alpha to wear as with all mesh.

The stockings come in the pack along with these killer shoes from Cerberus Xing. The Cherry Buns Heels come in a rigged version for the Maitreya Lara feet. An unrigged version is also included that fits most other high feet such as SLink and Belleza.

Last up for this post, but definitely not for the event, is this really gorgeous Lace Dress from Lumiere Apparel.

TLC - Feb 2015 - LumiereApparel

I love the lace overlay on this dress. It's slightly longer than the rest of the dress so you get to really see the lace around the hem and then sleeves. It's pretty and has a really classy feel to it.

The tie is a pose prop that comes with No Angel pose from Ridic. You can obviously wear the tie while not using the pose so you know, feel free to add it to your accessories folder for something a bit different.

There's way more to see at The Liaison Collaborative and I'll be throwing another post your way soon!

Happy Shopping!

Pic 1:
*Bra & Panties - Baiastice - Pigalle Lingerie Lace - Pink @The Liaison Collaborative
*Corset - Enfant Terrible - Rosalies Corset - Rose @The Liaison Collaborative
*Head Piece - Enfant Terrible - Rosalies Headpiece - Rose @The Liaison Collaborative
Jewellery - League - Floral Rocks Necklace & Earrings
*Hair - Truth - Sally - Gingers Pack
Skin - League - Erin Pale - Feline
Eyes - Ikon - Charm Eyes - Moor
Eyelashes - Mon Cheri - Falsies Eyelash
Teeth - Whatever - Teeth 2.0 - Gem Piercing
Ears - CheerNo - Human Ears - Tragus
Hands - SLink - Avatar Enhancement Mesh Hands - Casual (with League appliers)
*Pose - Bauhaus Movement - Zerkalo Female - 45 @The Liaison Collaborative

Pic 2:
*Lingerie - Baiastice - Pigalle Lingerie Leather - Black @The Liaison Collaborative
Stockings - Izzie's - Sheer Toeless Stockings - Black
Necklace - Maxi Gossamer - Belladonna Crystal Beaded Choker
*Mask - The Wicked Peach - Smoldering Temptress Mask - 1 @The Liaison Collaborative
*Gloves - The Wicked Peach - Borderline Glove Appliers - Black @The Liaison Collaborative
*Shoes - Rebel Hope - Miss Steel Heels - Black @The Liaison Collaborative
*Hair - Truth - Sally - Gingers Pack
Skin - League - Erin Pale - Feline (with Erin tintable lipstick)
Eyes - Ikon - Charm Eyes - Moor
Eyelashes - Mon Cheri - Falsies Eyelash
Teeth - Whatever - Teeth 2.0 - Gem Piercing
Ears - CheerNo - Human Ears - Tragus
Hands - SLink - Avatar Enhancement Mesh Hands - Casual (with League appliers)
Feet - SLink - Avatar Enhancement Mesh Feet - High (with League appliers)
*Pose - NanTra - Yes, Mistress - 1 (includes crop) @The Liaison Collaborative

Pic 3:
*Outfit - Eudora 3D - Mabelle Top & Skirt - Black @The Liaison Collaborative
*Stockings & Shoes - Cerberus Xing - Cherry Buns Heels - Black (stockings included) @The Liaison Collaborative
*Bracelets - EarthStones - Avielle Bracelet - Dramatic @The Liaison Collaborative
*Hair - Truth - Avena - Gingers Pack (with extra whisp added)
Skin - League - Erin Pale - Feline (with Erin tintable lipstick)
Eyes - Ikon - Charm Eyes - Moor
Eyelashes - Mon Cheri - Falsies Eyelash
Teeth - Whatever - Teeth 2.0 - Gem Piercing
Body - Maitreya - Mesh Body Lara - Includes Hands & Feet (with League appliers)
*Pose - Ma Vie - Pure Heat - 09 @The Liaison Collaborative
(Crop from NanTra 'Yes, Mistress' Pose Pack)

Pic 4:
*Dress - Lumiere Apparel - Lace Dress - Lust @The Liaison Collaborative
*Gloves - Ama. - Opera Length Gloves
*Hair - Truth - Vixen - Gingers Pack (includes mask)
Skin - League - Erin Pale - Feline (with Erin tintable lipstick)
Eyes - Ikon - Charm Eyes - Moor
Eyelashes - Mon Cheri - Falsies Eyelash
Hands - SLink - Avatar Enhancement Mesh Hands - Casual (with Ama. appliers)
*Pose - Ridic - No Angel - Pose 1 (includes tie prop) @The Liaison Collaborative

Wednesday, 18 February 2015

With Love Fair 2015

The With Love Fair for 2015 closes on the 20th so I wanted to sneak in a quick post before you missed it like I almost did! Oops!

There's lots of gifts available too so it's definitely worth a visit. However I didn't have time to take pics of all the gifts I grabbed so I'm just going to show you some bits from two of my favourite stores. Blacklace and Bang!

Blacklace always have a great choice when it comes to lingerie that ranges from cute and a little bit sexy to full on blow your socks off sexy. So it's no surprise that their two new releases for the With Love Fair managed to hit both ends of that scale.

So let's start with the cute...

With Love Fair 2015 - Cotton Candy

The Cotton Candy Lingerie comes in this gorgeous pink. I feel a little bit like I should be in Barbie's dream house of kink. That needs to be a thing. Someone build me a Barbie's dream house of kink!!!

The lingerie comes on the standard system layers and on SLink, Gos (stockings only) and Omega appliers. The Omega appliers cover pretty much every mesh body and part out there (except SLink and The Mesh Project). If you want TMP appliers you can purchase them separately.

If you wanted to get a bit more naughty...

With Love Fair 2015 - Sinnocent

Sinnocent comes in a choice of pink satin or red satin with the black lace. It's an event exclusive so now you have no excuse not to visit the With Love Fair. You can wear the bra with or without the pasties and just like the Cotton Candy set it comes with system layers and all appliers. TMP sold separately.

The adorable little heart pose prop in both pictures is the With Love prop from Bang. It comes with three poses and because I can't help but fiddle with things I noticed that you can change the colour on the prop by tinting it. It comes in a rich red colour but will tint any colour you can think of making it. So yes I played around a little bit!

Happy Shopping!

Pic 1:
*Lingerie - Blacklace - Cotton Candy - Pink Lace @With Love Fair
*Shoes - Fri.day - Cora Hees - Candy
Neckace - Yummy - Chunky Heart And Key - Silver @Collabor88
*Hair - Truth - Harriet - Colours Pack
Skin - League - Erin Pale - Feline
Eyes - Ikon - Charm Eyes - Moor
Eyelashes - Mon Cheri - Falsies Eyelash
Body - Maitreya - Mesh Body Lara - Includes Hands & Feet (with League appliers)
*Pose - Bang - With Love (colour changed) @With Love Fair

Pic 2:
*Lingerie - Blacklace - Sinnocent - Pink Satin & Black Lace @With Love Fair
*Shoes - Fri.day - Cora Hees - Coal
Neckace - Yummy - Chunky Heart And Key - Silver @Collabor88
*Hair - Truth - Harriet - Black & Whites Pack
Skin - League - Erin Pale - Feline
Eyes - Ikon - Charm Eyes - Moor
Eyelashes - Mon Cheri - Falsies Eyelash
Body - Maitreya - Mesh Body Lara - Includes Hands & Feet (with League appliers)
*Pose - Bang - With Love (colour changed) @With Love Fair